Tried and True Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’ve always been interested in cooking. Baking is a whole different ballgame. When your kid asks you to make chocolate chip cookies, you google the heck out of it. Best chocolate chip cookie. You first have to decide what KIND of cookie you want to make. Do you want it chewy or crispy? I stumbled upon a food blogger’s page called A Bountiful Kitchen and instantly fell in love with her recipes. Si gives great tips and makes recipes that are easy to put together for quick meals. Leo’s school does a cookie program to help fundraise for the school. With his allergies, we have decided to not participate in any food program, even if they advertise they are nut free so that he gets used to only accepting food from home. This has helped him become more aware of what he is putting into his mouth. I make a double batch of these and put them in a tupperware container with an allergy sticker on it for the school to store in the freezer. That way he can have his cookie and on any treat day that comes up, he can also participate. I also like to bring cookies as dessert to dinner parties and these have quickly become a fan favourite.

Si also has few helpful tips( also listed in recipes notes) that make a big difference. Click here for recipe. Let me know when you have made it and what you think!

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