Valentine’s Day

My kids love this holiday, most because it’s on my birthday. They think it’s hilarious that my birthday is on Valentine’s day. When Leo was first diagnosed, I found myself going down the rabbit hole grumbling about how he can’t participate in anything because of his allergies. We are fortunate that companies are more allergy aware now than they were 10 years ago. We went to Shoppers Drug Mart to check out their nut free Valentine’s treats this morning.

Carnaby ( owned by Shoppers Drug Mart) sells many different options. Please read the label on the back and check the front for the peanut free symbol as some are NOT peanut free.

Nestlé always carries nut free options. One thing you do need to watch out for is the peanut free symbol. They are not on all of their Smarties boxes. You fill find them only on the small snack size ones or specialty boxes.

We love Kinder Eggs! They have nut free options as well. This Kinder Egg says peanut free. As always, I recommend you read the label before giving to your child as everyone has different allergies and the labels are not always consistent.

Laura Secord has peanut free options and even a gluten free option. I haven’t tried these chocolates out yet as I’m not a big marshmallow fan.

What are your go to treats for Valentine’s Day?

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