My Skincare Routine

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Just when I think I have my skin figured out, it changes again. For two years, I have been using the Redefine Regimen to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. My skin was loving it but recently, it’s been feeling the effects of Toronto.

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I have noticed my skin is tight and has a bit of redness. I decided to switch things up and try the Soothe regimen for sensitive skin. I’m blown away at how it has reduced my redness and has calmed my skin.

I also use the AMP it up the system at night. The derma roller and the Intensive Renewing Serum capsules improve my skin’s texture and reduce the appearance of fine lines. It’s the closest you can get to a Vit A prescription without going to see a dermatologist.

It’s stronger and smarter than Retinol. It’s also gentle enough to use on all skin types and for daily use. The roller is super gentle as well, not like the other derma rollers that you may have seen on amazon. Ours won the CEW beauty award in 2018.

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Another must for me right now is the Active Hydration Serum. If you haven’t tried this yet, you are missing out. It retains 200% of your skin’s moisture and keeps your skin looking and feeling hydrated all day long.

It’s oil-free and feels AMAZING on your skin. I have a friend that raves about it as it’s the only thing that has gotten rid of her dry patches and she has tried many different products.

I don’t like wearing concealer daily but needed something for my dark circles. Enter in our Bright Eye Complex, it brightens, hydrates, and reduces the appearance of dark circles. If you are up late with a newborn or love to stay up late like me, you gotta try this eye cream.

This is the product that got my sister hooked and she joined me in business after seeing the huge opportunity in the skincare industry. She was the biggest skeptic and once she saw her results, she knew she had to share this with everyone.

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The last thing I apply during the day is my Radiant Defense. I know, you think you have seen this before but you are wrong.

This is a tinted perfecting liquid that acts like makeup but isn’t. It’s like a BB cream, CC cream but better. It improves your skin, it defends against environmental stressors and emotional stressors. It doesn’t clog your pores and is for all skin types.

It also has SPF 30 in and is designed to last all day. I went to the horse races in the spring, standing in the direct sun and I got sunburn on my arms but not my face.

It’s pretty impressive. It’s super lightweight and has buildable coverage so if you want a more make-up look, you can add more without it flaking off. A pea-size amount goes a long way!

I like to apply it with our angled kabuki brush specifically designed for Radiant Defense. It gives a flawless, airbrushed look. It’s super quick and easy to apply. My makeup artist friend said it makes you look like you have zero pores. My bottle 50ml bottle has lasted me over a year!

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