FreeYumm Treats

 I always get excited when I discover new brands that are allergy friendly, especially with school starting up soon…..

It’s very easy to resign to the fact that not all companies are allergy aware.

My friend Lauren shared a FreeYumm cookie with us at the beginning of summer.

Leo’s always game to try new treats so we read the label and were surprised  to learn it’s a Vancouver brand!

They come in different flavours, so far Leo’s favourite is the double chocolate. 

FreeYumm was started by Sarah. She said;

“My son was my inspiration for starting up FreeYumm. Seeing him excluded from sharing food with friends was an everyday experience and it was difficult to watch. And it wasn’t just my son… there are so many kids now that have various and numerous food restrictions, and they were all being left out. I was determined to find a fun, healthy way to make delicious food inclusive!”

They just released crackers, which is also hard to find as sesame seeds are hidden in everything. We tried the sea salt and the herbed one and loved them!

Natalia and I LOVE these as a treat.

Again, it’s very hard to find chocolate covered treats that are not cross contaminated.

They are crunchy, sweet and salty.

You can purchase these from, London drugs, Choices, Whole Foods, and Save on Foods.

images from : FreeYumm Website

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