Top 8 Allergen free Tahini

We are SO thrilled to be able to do a sesame challenge in our allergist office. We have an appointment next week so I did a little searching and found a top 8 allergen free organic tahini from Pepperwood. 🙌  What are the top 8 allergens? Peanuts Tree Nuts Milk, Eggs Wheat Fish Shellfish Soy…

Peanut Free Egg Rolls

When Leo was diagnosed with several severe food allergies, we quickly realized that eating out was going to be a challenge. We LOVE Chinese food. When we lived in Toronto, I called a few restaurants searching for someone that would be able to accomdate us. Egg rolls or anything deep fried was out of the…

Amaretti cookies

These cookies always remind me of my Nonno. He passed away 10 years ago this month of cancer Not a day goes by that I don’t miss him and wish he could have met my kids. My Nonno loved these cookies, he would sneak some out of the tin when Natalie wasn’t looking. He had…

Tried and True Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Jelly Balls

This recipe takes me back! I remember being a little kid, going to a Christmas party with my mom and there would be so much yummy food. Mulled wine on the stove, apple cider for the kids. Our friend Janet’s mom used to make these jelly balls all the time. She was the sweetest lady….

Nuts and Bolts

Our family usually alternates spending Christmas with my family Vancouver or with Glen’s family in Trail. I can remember the first time I was introduced to Shirley’s famous nuts and bolts. They were so delicious! She would store them in large cookie tins for us to grab a scoop out of when we were watching…

Ginger Mounds

Ginger mounds have become another staple in our home around Christmas time. My mother-in-law passed me this recipe and it’s one of our favourites. Be sure that your spices are fresh to enjoy all the flavour. I also like my cookies a bit chewy so I cook them for 12 minutes. Yields: 4 dozen cookies…

Traditional Almond Biscotti

It’s that time of year to dust off your favourite Christmas recipes! Our Christmas wouldn’t be complete without these traditional almond biscotti. On Christmas eve, we would usually go over to my Nonno and Nonna’s house for a huge Italian feast. Nonna Natalie would always have a plate of delicious treats, these being one of them. I’ve adapted her recipe and one that my cousin Alicia gave me over the years.


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